…currently a work in progress…

1790: Joanna Baillie, Poems (anonymously published)
1795: Birth of Janet Hamilton
1802: Walter Scott, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border
1821: Baillie, Metrical Legends of Exalted Characters
1822: Baiilie appears in George Thomson (ed.), Collection of Songs of Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Bart. and Other Eminent Lyric Poets Ancient and Modern United to the Select Melodies of Scotland, and of Ireland and Wales
1831: Birth of Isa Craig
1832: Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal begins publishing
1835: Birth of Ellen Johnston, “The Factory Girl”
1839 (-42): Chartist Circular (Glasgow)
1840: Baillie, Fugitive Verses
1849: Baillie, Ahalya Bee. A Poem
1850s: Hamilton begins to write essays for Cassell’s The Working Man’s Friend and begins to write poetry for periodicals (Boos, 50-2)
1851: Baillie’s collected works
1851: Death of Baillie
1854: Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal changes title to Chambers’s Journal of Popular Literature, Science and Arts
1856: Isa [Craig], Poems
1859: Craig wins the Burns Centenary Competition, with her “Ode”, winning 59 guineas
1860: Good Words begins publishing, initially based in Edinburgh. Craig a contributor.
1861: Johnston starts publishing poems in the Glasgow Penny Post (Boos, 197)
1863: Hamilton, Poems and Essays of a Miscellaneous Character on Subjects of General Interest
1863: Craig (ed.), Poems: An Offering to Lancashire
1864: Craig, Duchess Agnes
Dec 1865: (to April 1966) Craig appointed anonymous editor of new journal, The Argosy
1865: Hamilton, Poems of Purpose and Sketches in Prose of Scottish Peasant Life and Auld Langsyne
1865 (4 March): Johnston makes a more regular appearance in Penny Post, often on the first page (until 20 June 1868) (Boos 198)
1867: Johnston, Autobiography, Poems and Songs
1868: Hamilton, Poems and Ballads
1869: Life and Songs of the Baroness Nairne, ed. Rev. Charles Rogers
1870: Hamilton, Poems, Essays and Sketches (enlarged in 1880 and republished 1885)
1873: Death of Janet Hamilton
c. 1873: Death of Ellen Johnston
1874: Craig-Knox, Songs of Consolation


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